Excel ECGI Matte Black Irons

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From the Pinemeadow Site:

The EGI irons with matte black melonite finish are a limited edition iron series available only while supplies last. Like the chrome version of the EGI irons the Pinemeadow Excel family is known for increased launch and large sweet spot giving you the ultimate game improvement clubs.

These irons feature a medium top-line and wide sole that provide stability and control. The EGI irons also feature a dual-level beveled flare sole that make these irons unique. The technology helps you power through any type of lie and doesn’t get caught up in the thicker rough. The result is a straighter and longer shot from any condition on the course. It also pushes the weight of the club to the bottom of the club to help generate optimal launch.

I just like the black look.



One thought on “Excel ECGI Matte Black Irons

  1. Pinemeadow has always been at the top when it come to hybrid club technology. For any beginner golfer or intermediate golfer these are clubs you can play with. Golfers can get the same golf technology with out the big brand name cost. My first set of clubs were by square two so you don’t always have to go with the big boys in equipment.

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