Hireko Golf PowerPlay System Q Adrenaline Hybrid Review


PowerPlay System Q Adrenaline Hybrid Hirekogolf.com.

Grade: B
Teacher’s Comments: Another solid Hireko offering.

I’ve not been particularly successful hitting hybrids, so you’re going to have to take this review with a grain of salt.

What I’ve found with the PowerPlay System Q hybrid is that I hit it just as well (or as poorly) as I hit any other hybrid. While I on occasion hit a beautiful shot with a hybrid, I’m just as likely to duff it.

Still, for those shots where things go well, I found the PowerPlay System Q Hybrid to be nicely balanced, with decent distance and a nice high arc. I haven’t had much success with it from the fairway, but from the rough, it performed admirably.

The head is on the small side; on the iron-wood scale, this falls more squarely on the iron side. The grooves on the face also are more reminiscent of an iron; deeper than a wood. The bottom has a rail sole design that I like; other clubs with a similar feature have worked well for me.

The best part about the club is the price: around $40, custom built. And it has a money back guarantee.

Still, to get a better sense of how this plays, I’ve foisted the club off on a friend, who promises to let me know how he likes it. More later.

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