Maruman Exim Nano Irons

MARUMAN Exim Nano Extra Impact Iron Set with Steel Shafts

MARUMAN Exim Nano Extra Impact Iron Set with Steel Shafts

Maruman is a high-end Japanese golf club that until recently was unavailable in the United States. In fact, the only place I’ve ever seen them was in a now-out-of-business golf store in Ann Arbor called Mashie and Niblick. They were beautiful instruments, with an extraordinary price to match. The store’s owner told me that at the time, there were only a few stoers in the US that had the clubs, and those had only a couple of sets apiece.

Maruman now seems to be making a push into the United States, though. A selection of their clubs now are available through GolfSmith.

The Maruman Exim Nano Extra Impact clubs claim to be the first to incorporate nano technology. Nanotechnology deals with aligning molecules into desired structures, and the resulting materials apparently can be both lighter and stronger than other substances. Incorporated into these clubs, the technology supposedly offers greater energy transfer at impact. Maruman also says that nanotechnology gives them a freedom in design than was previously available.

As a company, Maruman has a funny history. They started out making watches in the 1950s, then moved on to lighters and then to golf. In more recent years, they’ve also added health food supplements.

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  1. I believe Maruman is the company Curtis Strange signed on with just after his peak performances in the US Open and just prior to his disppearance into golf oblivion.  I certainly do not lay Mr. Strange’s fall off in performance to Maruman.  He cites an undiagnosed case of Lyme disease, which seems possible.

    What I do recall is my surprise that a consistent performer on the PGA would switch to an essentially unknown manufacturer.  Clearly the move was totally motivated by monetary considerations.  Anything Curtis Strange subsequently said about Maruman performance and quality had to be viewed with a great degree of skepticism.

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