Polara Ultimate Straight Balls On Sport.Woot

Sport.Woot has a great deal on Polara Ultimate Straight golf balls, as well as assorted Callaway gear.

I’ve tried a couple of Polara balls and they work as advertised. These things get rid of your slice and hook. At first glance, they look just like a regular ball. However, at the equator, a row of dimples are more shallow than usual. When teeing it up, use the arrow to point in the direction of the fairway, and flail away. Straight. Straight like you’ve never experienced.

From the fairway, with the row not aligned to the target, the Polara seems to operate just as a normal ball. If you’re playing pick and place, however, you can realign the ball to the target (and why not? You’re already cheating.).

My biggest sticking point with these was the price. They were expensive, considering that they’re an illegal ball. But at $8.99 a dozen on Woot!, I’m picking up a couple dozen jut for fun.

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