10 Greatest Golfers Of All Time

10 Greatest Golfers Of All Time

 The historical backdrop of golf traces back to the fifteenth century in Scotland. Throughout the centuries, there have been athletes who have dominated the sport and are considered legends due to their stories that will test your nerve on the PGA tour and the accomplishments they had during their careers.

1. Jack Nicklaus

Nicknamed the Golden Bear, Nicklaus acquired 73 wins during his golf career, including 18 Majors. Nicklaus is the first golf player to win an impressive $2m in prize money, and, at 46 years of age, he is also the oldest player to win the Masters. Nicklaus has five US Open titles, which he won between 1963 and 1980. Toward the end of his golf career, he launched a golf architecture business and even started a company that manufactures golf equipment. Nicklaus was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1974. What’s more, he is rightfully viewed as the best golf player ever.

2. Tiger Woods

Some might argue with Tiger Woods taking the #2 spot on this list, but we can explain why. His impressive list of triumphs starts with his fifteen Major Championships. Woods won 82 PGA tournaments, including 41 European competitions. He is a literal billionaire, though most of the money he made was from promoting, not from playing golf. The big-name of golf has set up a foundation that assists impoverished children with playing golf. He is the youngest Grand Slam champion. After a back injury, Woods left the game, went through a medical procedure, and is currently recovering from auto accident injuries.

3. Ben Hogan

No golf player has ever practiced as much as Ben Hogan. He invested a great deal of energy and time training, fostering a strategy, which prompted the fact that he is still the legend of golf. Hogan won nine majors. Between 1938 to 1959, he won 64 pro tournaments, regardless of serving in the military and surviving a car crash in which he suffered serious injuries. Yet, Hogan was still able to carry on with his golf career.

4. Walter Hagen

He was probably the best player in the first part of the twentieth century. Hagen won 11 Majors his career. A New York native, Hagen turned into a national legend when he originally carried the British Open title to American history and went on to win four further Open titles. Toward the end of his golf career, the only thing missing from his CV was the Masters’ title.

5. Gary Player

South African-born golfer, who acquired the nickname ‘The Black Knight” since he frequently donned black clothing from head to toe, is maybe the best non-American golf player ever. He was a contemporary and opponent to Arnold Palmer and also Jack Nicklaus. He finished his career with nine Majors. These include three Masters and also three Open Championships. Likewise, Player is the lone non-American to complete his Grand Slam career and win 163 victories on six continents in 60 years.

6. Sam Snead

Sam Snead won seven majors throughout his long and splendid career; he played professional golf from 1934 to 1987. Between his numerous triumphs, Snead additionally served during World War II. During his golf career, he won three Masters, three PGA Championships, and one Open Championship, which was only a year after the end of WWII. Snead finished second at the US Open four times, but never won. Snead is tied with Tiger Woods for most PGA TOUR wins at 82.

7. Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones is the sole amateur to make it onto this list. Jones won four US Opens and also three Open Championships in only seven years. He is likewise a five-time champion in the US Amateur and won the British Amateur in 1930. Following that, at 28 years old, he quit playing in competitions. However, his impact on golf didn’t stop there; he founded Augusta National and The Masters. Jones played until 1948, when he had to leave the game because of chronic illness.

8. Arnold Palmer

You may have hoped to see Palmer rank higher on this list, mainly because when you begin to name some of the most renowned golf players after Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus, Arnie, in all probability, comes next. Rightly so, as this working man eventually became one of the best and most well-known golf players ever. Arnie’s impressive Army of fans got more significant with each round he played. He went on to win seven majors, including four Masters titles. However, he never won the PGA Championship and finished his career before completing the Grand Slam.

Palmer is fifth all-time in PGA TOUR wins with 62. He also won the US Amateur in 1954.

9. Tom Watson

Watson was quite possibly the best player on the planet from 1970-1980, winning a total of eight majors, including five Open Championships. Watson never finished higher than second in the PGA Championship, though. During his career, Watson was aided by the sage advice of Byron Nelson. Nelson showed interest in youthful Watson in 1974 and turned into his mentor. It was under Nelson’s tutelage that Watson’s golf career took off, as he went on to win his first major in just a year of working with Nelson.

10. Byron Nelson

Byron Nelson, Sam Snead, and even Ben Hogan were all born in 1912, just seven months apart. A local of Waxahachie, Texas, Nelson played between 1935-1946 and managed to win 52 times, including five Majors. Nelson was also a two-time winner of both the Masters and PGA Championship. The only thing that prevented him from having a grand slam was the absence of the Open Championship. Nelson’s legacy has remained untouched because of the Byron Nelson Championship, which occurred every year in Dallas. Before Nelson’s death in 2006, he attended this competition consistently. 

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