11 Reasons to Ship Golf Clubs & Luggage on Your Golf Trip

“Golf” and “travel” – two words that often appear in tandem. And while traveling to play the game we all love means teeing it up at some of the world’s most famous courses, it also means lugging your golf clubs and luggage from one destination to the next.

And many golfers find themselves taking shortcuts like leaving extra clothing at home or settling for rental clubs at their intended course of play – all to avoid airport headaches. But, Ship Sticks envisions a much easier (and more affordable) golf vacation for every kind of player.

As a company created by golfers, for golfers, Ship Sticks is designed to make traveling with golf clubs and luggage safe and hassle-free, no matter where your travels take you. As airlines continue to find new ways to make travel more difficult and more expensive, Ship Sticks offers a cost-effective and convenient alternative.

While this alone is reason enough to ship your golf clubs ahead, we’ve found eleven more reasons to do it on every golf getaway.

1. Doorstep pickups

Shipping golf clubs and luggage doesn’t just alleviate airport stress. The premier travel experience starts before even leaving your home. Ship Sticks offers doorstep pickups on your preferred date, so all you have to do is pack your bags. Ship Sticks will handle the rest. If you’re already at your destination and need to ship home, Ship Sticks can collect golf clubs and luggage from hotels, resorts, pro shops, and more. And if you don’t want to wait for your baggage to be collected, just locate a partnered location in your area and drop off your bags whenever it’s convenient for you. 

2. Real-time tracking

One of the worst parts of airport travel? Parting with your luggage. Sure, your luggage is tagged and should find its way to your destination. But you never truly know where it is.

With Ship Sticks, each shipment comes with a unique tracking number. Simply plug it into Ship Sticks’ tracking page and (voila!) you’ll be able to see where your bag is at any time of day.

3. No waiting in lines

Lines, lines, and more lines. What a terrible way to start your dream golf vacation! When you ship your golf clubs and luggage instead, those lines will be a thing of the past – including the mile-long traffic jam at bag-check.

There’s a reason airlines encourage travelers to register their checked baggage online. But despite these added efforts, bag-check wait times can still be tremendous depending on the airport you’re flying out of. Rather than arriving at the airport two hours in advance to accommodate the crowds, enjoy a leisurely morning and a stress-free stroll to your gate.

4. No fighting for space in the overhead bin

You’ve made it through TSA, you’ve boarded your plane, and now…the overhead bins. If you’re like most, you likely stuff as much as you can in your carry-on to save on baggage fees. And when it comes time to hoist your jam-packed luggage over your head, you will undoubtedly find yourself wishing you’d shipped your luggage instead – especially when the bins start to fill up and you’re holding up the line to board.

5. On-time delivery guarantee

An industry-leading, on-time delivery guarantee is just another reason golfers continue to use Ship Sticks trip after trip. Not only are your sticks guaranteed to arrive before your tee time, but you’ll also receive email notifications when your clubs are picked up, out for delivery, and finally delivered to your destination. And when you download the Ship Sticks iOS app, you can receive delivery updates by push notification, too. 

6. No waiting at baggage claim

Waiting for your golf clubs and luggage to roll out at baggage claim is like having a 3-foot, downhill putt for par: anxiety-inducing and stressful.

While Ship Sticks can’t help you with the putt, they can eliminate the dreaded wait for your baggage to (hopefully) be returned to you. When you ship your golf clubs ahead, you can strut off the plane, right past baggage claim, and straight to the first tee.

7. Complimentary insurance

Those airport horror stories of lost or damaged luggage aren’t just tall tales…they’re true. This year alone airlines have mishandled 700,000+ bags. But when you ship golf clubs and luggage instead, you don’t have to be a part of this statistic.

All golf club shipments come with $1,000 of complimentary insurance and luggage shipments come with $500. So, you’ll always have peace of mind. And if your items are worth more than this amount, Ship Sticks offers several insurance options up to $10,000 to best accommodate you.

8. Top-notch customer service

Ever had an issue with the airlines, tried calling them, and got nowhere? Well, you’re not alone. When you ship golf clubs and luggage ahead with Ship Sticks, you can take advantage of their white-glove customer support team available seven days a week. Don’t have time to make a call? Don’t worry! You can reach them by phone, text, email, or live chat. 

9. No hidden fees

With prices starting at $44.99, Ship Sticks is not only affordable but, in some instances, even cheaper than the airlines. You also won’t get hit with any hidden fees like fuel surcharges, delivery surcharges, etc. What you see is what you get. See for yourself by generating a free quote.

10. Safe, no-contact travel

Safety should be a priority when traveling. And Ship Sticks is the easiest way to travel safely to your destination. Not only does the service offer no-contact pickups and deliveries, but traveling bag-free through the airport means a huge reduction in contact points like bag-check and baggage claim.

11. Simplify international travel

Domestic travel is hard enough. And if you’re looking to play south of the border or across the pond, dealing with international customs can be a real chore.

Luckily, Ship Sticks services 180 countries and territories and will complete all customs documentation on your behalf. Not only that, but they boast a team fluent in international shipping policies and country-specific requirements. So, you’ll truly be shipping with the experts.

Maybe you’re not a golfer or maybe you’re not really into sports at all. That’s fine! You can still take advantage of shipping ahead. Check out ShipSkis.com for all your winter gear shipping needs. 

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