Curse of the Dead Horse

My golf game is cursed. The most recent manifestation occurred this last week, when I … Read more.

Brush-Ts Revisited: A Review

I’ve used the Brush-T for about 20 rounds now, and I have to say I … Read more.

Poulter Channels Austin Powers

Ok. So he didn’t win. But Ian Poulter’s Austin Powers pants make for the best … Read more.

The Clicking of Cuthbert Chapter 9

This is the 9th in my series of Saturday Golf Breakfast Serials: Chapter Nine of … Read more.

Cure The Hook

When I hit a bad shot, its usually a hook. Here are a couple of … Read more.

Protect from Sky Marks

So you bought a nice, new, $600 Taylor Made driver. And on your first tee … Read more.

Hit A Perfect Fade

I hit a fade off the tee. It doesn’t go real long, but nearly always … Read more.

Faldo to Use Belly Putter

Nick Faldo apparently has given into the dark side and is planning on using a … Read more.

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