Steroids on the Tour—Not

With the Olympics coming up, steroids have been in the news. Bicycling, track and field, … Read more.

Stableford Scoring

Confused by last weekend’s International, where the guy with the highest score was the winner? … Read more.

Swing Like The Big Easy

Learn the key parts of Ernie Els’ swing.

Daly Having A Big Year

John Daly is having a big year. He won one tournament, and has had five … Read more.

More Illegal Equipment Accusations

The illegal equipment controversy rears its ugly head again. This time, it’s Gary Player who’s … Read more.

Alpha Golf Rules Long Drive Championships

Want to hit it really long? Maybe the major manufacturers — Taylor Made, Titleist, Nike, … Read more.

How To Stay Cool

Tiger Woods gives advice on how to stay cool under pressure.

Links Courses Expose World Rankings

In this article in the British newspaper, The Telegraph, Mark Reason wonders why so many … Read more.

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