Squirrel Golf

In one of the more insane things I’ve seen, the Squirrel Golf online game has … Read more.

Golfer Selling Himself on EBay

Would-be professional golfer Brian Payne is selling ad space on himself to the highest bidder … Read more.

Pay No Attention To The Leaderboard

When a PGA Tour player says that he doesn’t pay any attention to the leaderboard, … Read more.

Nabiscoworld Online Golf Game

Stuck at work? Dreaming about the links? Then try this online golf game from Nabiscoworld. … Read more.

T-Minus Computer Coundown Click

While not specifically for golf, The T-Minus countdown clock seems like a nifty little gadget … Read more.

PGA Tour Will Not Have Drug Testing

Amid the firestorm of controversy over Jose Canseco’s accusations of steroid use in baseball, PGA … Read more.

What Drives Hale Irwin?

What drives Hale Irwin? The mystery of the game. In this story in the Sun … Read more.

Will Golf Pass Hockey As The Number Four Sport?

It’s an intriguing thought. With hockey committing hari-kari before our eyes, could Golf be poised … Read more.

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