100 Changes To The Rules Of Golf

Starting Jan. 1, more than 100 changes, additions and clarifications to the rules of golf … Read more.

President’s Cup Roundup

The Toronto Star’s columnist has a particularly good writeup on the last day of the … Read more.

DiMarco Is Hero In President’s Cup

By now, even the most casual reader of the sports pages has heard that the … Read more.

Kabul Open Played

The Kabul Open was played on Sunday for the first time since the Russian invasion … Read more.

Duval Makes The Cut

With all the excitement over the President’s Cup this last weekend, one story may have … Read more.

Masters Winner George Archer Dies

George Archer, who won the 1969 Masters and 11 other PGA titles, died Sunday.

Fearless Golf

Dr. Gio Viliante, the shrink who helped Davis Love and Justin Leonard overcome their mental … Read more.

Match Play Rules and Picking Up The Ball

Update: If you’re looking for a full explanation of match play and its scoring, try … Read more.

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