Ballesteros Plans Comeback

Seve Ballesteros—one of the most exciting players of the 1980s—is planning a comeback next year. … Read more.

Woods Chooses Site For His First Golf Course design

For his first golf course design, Tiger Woods has decided to build a course near … Read more.

Woman Attacks Paintings With Golf Club

Another weird golf story: A woman armed with a golf club destroyed three paintings worth … Read more.

Duval Calls 2006 “A Great Year”

An interesting bit from the Arizona Republic: David Duval, who used to give Tiger Woods … Read more.

Is The Bogey Lounge Dead?

Is the Bogey Lounge blog dead? There hasn’t been a post there since Nov. 7. … Read more.

Rackham Land Conservancy Formed

A land conservancy has been formed by Detroiters and Suburbanites in an attempt to save … Read more.

Cosmonaut Launches Golf Ball Into Orbit

In a tawdry publicity stunt for a golf club company, a Russian Cosmonaut used a … Read more.

Wie Announces Plans To Play On LPGA Tour

The Onion is one of the funniest publications on the planet. And now they’ve taken … Read more.

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