Vampire Head Cover

Vampire Head Cover

Fall Series Not Working Out

ESPN’s Bob Harig reports that the PGA Tour’s Fall Series is not doing very well. … Read more.

Japanese Exec Caught In Golf Scandal

Weird Golf Story of the Week. From the San Diego Union TOKYO – A former … Read more.

Skull Head Cover

Skull Headcover

Anne Murray Is Top Female Entertainer / Golfer

The upcoming issue of Golf for Women names Anne Murray as the top female amateur … Read more.

Ruby Skull Divot Tool

Ruby and Silver Skull Divot Tool

Wier Goes Stack and Tilt

I was surprised to learn that Mike Weir has joined Aaron Baddeley as a disciple … Read more.

Frankenstein Head Cover

Frankenstein Head Cover A pet peeve of mine is that people refer to Frankenstein’s monster … Read more.