Third Heart’s The Charm

An amazing story: Eric Comption is on his third heart, and in the PGA Tour’s … Read more.

Golf Pong Game

Golf Pong Ridiculous Golf Item of The Week This deserves a little explanation. This is … Read more.

Ballesteros Tumor Malignant

Golf Great Seve Ballesteros will undergo yet another brain surgery to remove more of the … Read more.

Michigan States’ Forest Akers West Golf Course – A Review

Forest Akers Golf Course ReviewGrade: ATeacher’s Comments: A great course. A graduate of the University … Read more.

Steve Williams On Way Out As Tiger’s Caddy

Steve Williams is on the way out as Tiger’s caddy. Just kidding. But only half. … Read more.

Global Warming Moonbats Say St. Andrews Is Threatened

Ignoring the fact that, according to the US National Climate Data Center, temperatures have shown … Read more.

TaylorMade-Adidas To Buy Ashworth

TaylorMade-Adidas has made a deal to acquire apparel maker Ashworth. I find that interesting, because … Read more.

Fire Ants Wreck High School Golfers Round

Here’s a hazard I hadn’t thought about here in Michigan: Fire Ants.

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