2008 Masters Thoughts

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  1. I think that Tigger will win a Grand Slam, but you are fooling yourself if you think we are done with the Tigger deification.  All he has to do is win a week, followed by one of the next 3 majors, and then we will start hearing the crazy talk about winning 11 in a row, or start giving us stats on the Tiger-slam he is about to win.

    Tigger’s bald spot is prominent, he looks so much more like Earl in just one year of fatherhood.  Someone isn’t getting so much sleep at home.

    In our clubhouse yesterday we were all excited about Brandt Snedeker (the Tennessee thing), but before his back nine filled with Bogeys, the thing that everyone was railing on him about was his titties.  Now that Phil has had his breast reduction, (and I think it is from surgery, not just better shape, which he is in)- now we have Brandt who is sporting what has to be the most prominient nipples in sport (men’s or women’s)-  That was through at least 3 damn layers!  Look the tech shirts are great and everything, but sometimes they are a little too sheer.

    Lastly, do all the Nike pros actually wear Tiger branded appearal?  I think that would wear on me if I were them.  And it bugged me as a viewer.  We were getting to see a player highlighted more than Tiger, but everytime they showed him from one side, I saw that little silver plate and started thinking about Tiger again.


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