Golf Course Hazards

Loyal Reader and Sometime Guest Golf Blogger Martin sent these photos of a new hazard … Read more.

This Buick Open Is To Be The Last

Golfweek magazine is reporting that this week’s Buick Open will be the last for the … Read more.

Woods To Play Buick Open

Tiger’s apparently going to play in this week’s Buick Open. That’s very nice of him, … Read more.

Golf BBQ Cover

Two Dogs Designs Grill Covers Ridiculous Golf Item Of The Week

LPGA Has 14 Confirmed Events For Next Year

Larry Bohannan of the Desert Sun reports that the LPGA has 14 events lined up … Read more.

Rolling Meadows Golf Course Review

  Overall Grade: C Teacher’s Comments: There’s just enough here to make me go back. … Read more.

Indiana University Golf Course

This week, your friendly neighborhood Golf Blogger is camping with the Boy Scouts at Ransburg … Read more.

Special Cart For Wheelchair Bound Players

Heres’ a neat article on a special golf cart that allows players normally bound to … Read more.

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