2009 US Open Open Line

Leave a coment or two or three about this weekend’s US Open. I’ll start with a few:

) Lucas who?

2) I was really pulling for David Duval and Phil at the end. Phil, because I feel sorry for the guy who’s always the bridesmaid, never the bride. And David because it would have been the best story in golf in a decade. What I REALLY wanted was a playoff between those two guys.

3) Tiger who?

4) This Open may go down as one of thc craziest of all time. Rain, shifting schedules, a Monday finish and a victory by a guy most have never heard of.

5) I think that the USGA could improve things by sending people off in groups of three on days when the weather is iffy.

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1 thought on “2009 US Open Open Line”

  1. While Mike Weir had a tumultuous event, he and Stephen Ames tied for 10th, which might indicate a good summer ahead for them.

    Just found out this week that World top 2 ranked Amateurs were Canadian, and Taylor did well this past weekend. I hope these two do not rush into turning Pro prematurely. But the future is bright for Canadian golf.

    Great to see Duval smile and interact with spectators. It is good for golf to see other stories knock Tiger out of the conversation periodically.

    This event showed the need for another look at beer sales at golf events. Some of the antics were disgraceful, even for a New York crowd.

    Phil and Amie’s worries have the concern and best wishes of so many golf fans everywhere.


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