2010 British Open Championship Predictions Thread

Here’s you chance to make predictions about the outcome of the 2010 British Open. Just answer a few questions:

1) Who does logic tell you is most likely to win?
2) Who does your gut tell you will win?
3) Who would you most like to see win?
4) Who would you least like to see win?

I’ll start:

1) It’ll be someone outside the Top 10 (which are Woods, Mickelson, Westwood, Stricker, Furyk, Els, Donald, Poulter, McIlroy and Casey), so I’ll go with McDowell.

2) My gut says Stricker. He’s got some real mojo going right now. And in his last three appearances, he’s T7, T8 and T52. However, in the last two Old Course appearances, he had a missed cut and a no-show.

3) The guy I most want to see win is Phi. I can’t help it. I like the guy, warts and all.

4) The one I least want to see win is Tiger. Part of it is Tiger; the other half of that is the inevitable ensuing media orgasm over his victory.

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6 thoughts on “2010 British Open Championship Predictions Thread”

  1. Why do you even bother doing these posts? You will ALWAYS write that you want Phil to win and that you want Tiger not to win.  We get it: you like the second best player of this generation and not the first.  Unfortunately, he’s probably go to let you down again.  His track record at the British is terrible and this week will be no different.  I say Phil misses the cut.

  2. Well, even though Josh won’t like my post either (jk!) because I mostly agree with your four picks, here goes.

    1. I don’t think McDowell can pull of another major so close to the US Open but I agree it will probably be someone outside the top 10. I could see Zach Johnson winning it.

    2. My gut says that it is hard to argue with Tiger winning on this course.

    3. I’m a Phil guy also so he would be favorite. However, what if Tom Watson and Phil were tied going to the 72nd hole? I so wish Watson were the defending champ!

    4. I also would hate the media tigasm that would follow a Tiger win.

  3. 1. I am probably 50/50 on a Top 10 vs dark horse.  I think logic leads me to Phil.  I really can’t make a good prediction though – but I don’t think McDowell – that just doesn’t seem right.

    2. Gut says Tiger is going to piss me off by winning.

    3. Daly, Watson, Phil, Ernie – in that order.

    4. The aforementioned Tiger.  Especially after the putter swap – that’s just dumb – I don’t want it to look brilliant.  And I really want to see what the other golfers are doing on Sunday instead of every errant Tiger drive on the way to a victory.

    I won’t apologize for dissing Tiger.  I think he is a poor human being and a poor sportsman, and I like seeing the chickens come home to roost.  He was the beneficiary of way too much luck (I don’t deny that he is the most skilled of the players either)- and the love affair by the media was sickening before, and I like seeing that dry up a bit. 

    I also think that watching Phil or many other players is more fun on Sunday.  Phil is a good 4-hour drama, Tiger was like watching a movie trailer- a lot of awe and effects, but no suspense.

    Plus as a Buckeye, I still want Jack’s major record to stand.

  4. Martin,


    I do’t have a feel for who will win, other than I doubt Phil will. Has he ever been in contention in the UK? Ditto the comments on Tiger.


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