Neural Zone Charity Golf Outing

The Neutral Zone is a successful teen community center located in downtown Ann Arbor. It … Read more.

Huntmore Golf Club, Brighton, Michigan

If you live in the Brighton, Michigan area and are planning your spring golf itinerary, … Read more.

Is There A Crisis In Golf? – Saving The Game Part 1

If you listen to the powers that be, golf is in a bit of a … Read more.

Golfing Garden Gnome

Garden Gnome Golfer Ridiculous Golf Item of the Week

Funny and Slightly Off-Color Golf Ball Ad

You probably should save this for home if you work for Puritans.

A Spring Round At Pierce Lake, Chelsea, Michigan

I managed to get out to play again yesterday for my second round in as … Read more.

Aim Pro Golf Ball Marker

AimPro Ball Alignment Grade: B Teacher’s Comments: It can help. The Aim Pro is an … Read more.

A Cold Spring Round

It is a measure of the horrors of this past winter that I felt lucky … Read more.

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