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View2D 2D Glasses for 3D Movies

I just ran across these on Amazon, and think they’re a terrific idea. I really dislike the new wave of 3D movies. The things give me a headache for very little benefit. These glasses purport to convert the 3D back to regular old 2D.

The 3D effect in movies is created by showing two different images on the screen at the same time. Regular 3D glasses block one of the images from coming in one lens, and the other image from coming in the second lens. The 2D glasses are designed so that both lenses block the same image.

It doesn’t, however, work in iMax theatres.

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2 thoughts on “2D Glasses”

  1. The description says that one of the glasses will work for IMAX movies.  But I think there is more than two types of 3D projection, AND the HDTV 3D is multiple types of 3D imaging. 

    Here, it is $2-3 more for 3D than seeing the movie in the non-3D theater.  Thankfully the theater near me always has non-3D theaters for every movie they do show in 3D.  I really wouldn’t want to pay the upcharge to see a movie in 3D and then still wear some glasses to reduce that image back down.

    Fairly simple method to reduce this down to a 2D image, you simply take the lens used for one or the other eyes and use that single color or polarization angle for both eyes.

    I do see some movies in 3D.  Toy Story 3D was great fun for the family and my daughter got a real kick from that.  Avatar was awesome for the 3D effect itself and in showing what it could do – the movie was eye-candy but suffered from a poor story and tired politics of Cameron.  Green Hornet was made for 3D first in having a lot of 3D gimmicks to it, so I enjoyed that in 3D—- but I skipped 3D for Thor and for the other summer movies so far and will not see Captain America in 3D either.  I won’t miss it. 

    I MAY see the Star Wars re-releases in 3D when they start coming out, and we will probably see Cars 2 in 3D.


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