A Birthday Round And The Streak Continues

Washtenaw Golf Club on November 1, 2023.

A Birthday Round And The Streak Continues

Yesterday, I was happy to get out for a round of golf on my birthday. The November 1 2023, round also marked the 105th consecutive month in which I have played a round of golf in Michigan.

I of course played at Washtenaw Golf Club (course link), which is in great shape. The leaves are browning, but the grass is still quite green. Washtenaw’s grounds crew does a great job of tidying up the leaves, although there is nothing that anyone could do about the wind blowing them about.

The air was cold at just over forty degrees, with the sun peeking out regularly from behind the clouds. I layered up and was quite comfortable. It helps that I was — as usual — walking. I cannot imagine riding around in a cart with cold air blowing through the open sides.

Yes, I know that there are plastic zip enclosures and portable heaters for golf carts, but that seems to me a lot more work than just adding a layer and walking.

I was surprised at how many other golfers were braving the chilly air to play. A bunch of the regulars were there ahead of me, coming up the seventeenth as I was heading down the parallel second.

The truth of the matter is that for many, golf never really ends in southeast Michigan. Rare is the round when I don’t see several other golfers out — even in January and February. On the coldest February day I have ever played, there was another madman out on the links with me.

The ten day weather forecast suggests that southeast Michigan will see sun and tempertaures in the fifties until Sunday, followed by several days of rain.

I am more than willing to play in the cold. I’ll even play in the rain. I draw the line, however at rain AND cold. That’s a recipe for hypothermia.

A couple more late October-early November photos from Washtenaw Golf Club below.

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