A Birthday Round, and the Streak Grows

A Birthday Round, and the Streak Grows

I got in a round of golf at Washtenaw Golf Club this afternoon after work to celebrate my birthday. I can’t think of a finer present than the great early November weather I got to enjoy.

At the same time, I got in a November round to extend my streak of playing at least one round in Michigan in every month to 93 months — that’s seven years of golf.

To be fair, although we will surely get some snow in November, I never have any doubt I will get in a round in the year’s penultimate month.

I actually got in 21 holes today, finishing my round and then doing another three in the 10-11-12 loop that leads back to the front of the course. At that point, I ran out of light.

Below are some photos from today’s round. The leaves are on their last legs in the trees, but it is still pretty.

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