A February Thaw In Michigan

The ninth at thirteenth at Washtenaw.

We are having a bit of a late February thaw here in Michigan, lifting my golf spirits. Today, the temperature got up into the mid-forties, and tomorrow the mercury should close in on 60.

Unfortunately, it is supposed to rain all day, turning already drenched courses into lakes.

From behind the eighteenth green at Washtenaw.

I stopped off at Washtenaw Golf Club in Ypsilanti today to see how things were shaping up. There’s still a lot of snow, and Paint Creek is nearly overflowing. The lower end, below the eighteenth green, is as full as I’ve seen it since the floods of last spring.

The first at Washtenaw.

There reportedly is some more snow on the way later in the week, but I’d like to believe that will be the last significant accumulation as we head into March.

But then, maybe I’ve just cursed myself and all of Southeast Michigan by saying that.-

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