A Late February Round In Michigan

A Late February Round In Michigan
The second hole at Fellows Creek Golf Club’s West Course in Canton, Michigan.

A Late February Round In Michigan

The streak is alive.

I got out for a round today just ahead of another snow storm, making it 48 consecutive months that I have played a round of golf in Michigan. I like to think that’s a pretty significant accomplishment, as far as golf goes. Like many of my winter rounds, conditions were not ideal, but the round still was fun.

Today’s venue was the West nine at Fellows Creek in Canton. Michigan. It was honestly as cold a round as I can remember playing. The thermometer read 24 and the skies were cloudy. Fortunately, there was no wind. With my Galvin Green Dash pullover, Under Armour heat gear pants and Zippo Handwarmers, I was actually quite comfortable.

A Late February Round In Michigan
The cups were frozen solid. A Wilson Duo was the lowest compression ball I had, as a counter to the cold.

Playing in such cold weather is both a delight, and a challenge. The delightful part is that on rock-hard ground, the ball will bounce and roll forever. I hit a three wood on every hole — the ground was too hard for tees — and watched the balls skip forward further than I have ever hit it with a driver.

The challenge is that the skips are entirely unpredictable. I hit a fair number of shots straight down the middle, only to watch the shots take an unfortunate — and lengthy — bounce into danger.

The hard ground also made iron play difficult. Whereas I could sweep woods off the fairway, the irons simply skipped off the surface and up into the ball. Skulled irons were the soup of the day.

Fortunately, we now are headed into March, where regular rounds are almost a certainty. I have no doubt at this point that “The Streak” will be extended into December 2019, making it fifty six months.

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4 thoughts on “A Late February Round In Michigan”

  1. Well done! I punched my February ticket back on the 5th at Huron Hills. Played 19 holes on a relatively temperate day during the post vortex thaw. I am fairly sure I have never played golf with the temperature under 30 degrees. As you indicated, frozen turf is a challenge for iron and wedge play.


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