A Late November Round In Michigan

A Late November Round In Michigan
A Late November Round In Michigan. The seventeenth at Washtenaw Golf Club

A Late November Round In Michigan

On Sunday, I got out for a late November round in Michigan at Washtenaw Country Club. The course was in phenomenal shape, considering the fact that ten days ago, it was under a foot of snow.

The 18th at Washtenaw Golf Club.

That’s Michigan, though. The old saying is that “if you don’t like the weather, wait 30 minutes, or drive 30 miles.”

It was more like seven days this time, but who’s counting?

I played pretty well, with several pars and chances (blown) at several birdies. I had a double at the first, but settled down thereafter. My biggest problem was not clubbing up enough. Every hole was cut at the furthest possible point on the green; combined with the 40 degree weather, this made the course play very long.

A Late November Round In Michigan
The spot where my ball landed on the 330 yard par 4 13th is outlined in green.

The highlight was nearly driving the green on the 330 yard par 4 sixteenth. It’s a feat that I’ve done before under similar conditions. The ground was hard, and the ball skipped along, the rolled across the pond fronting the green. Unfortunately, unlike last time, it stopped a few yards short of the green. You can see the green ball in the close up below.

Thanks to several opportunities to play in Michigan in November, I have now extended The Streak to 57. Fifty seven straight months of playing at least one round of golf in Michigan.

December awaits.

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