A Round of Golf In The Rain At Washtenaw Golf Club

A Rainy Round At Washtenaw Golf Club
The GolfBlogger On A Round Of Golf In The Rain At Washtenaw Golf Club

A Round of Golf In The Rain At Washtenaw Golf Club

I had a really good round of golf in the rain this morning at Washtenaw Golf Club. In many ways, it might have been my most enjoyable round thus far this season. I played well, and the rain was peaceful and calming.

I was fortunately well prepared for the showers. I was quite dry in my Galway Bay All Weather Pants and Jacket (Galway Bay review at the link). My feet, although damp, were comfortable in a pair of Smartwool Socks, and my Tilly hemp hat repelled the rain with aplomb.

My bag for the outing was the outstanding Big Max Aqua Sport 2 (Aqua Sport 2 review at the link) cruising along on a Big Max Blade IP cart (again, Big Max Blade IP review at the link). The Aqua Sport bag is utterly waterproof. A nice thing about the Blade IP is that the wheels don’t get clogged up with wet cut grass as much as some other push carts I’ve tested.

With the umbrella in the cart’s holder, I could have not been more comfortable.

I think I need a matching Big Max umbrella, though. They’ve got a model which not only keeps out the rain, but also is UV protected, so it can be used for protection from the sun. If you’re walking in the heat of the summer, that’s a good thing.

All of this just goes to prove the old Boy Scout Maxim: There is no such thing as bad weather. There are only bad clothing (and equipment) choices.

Washtenaw is a wonderful course to play in the rain. A hundred plus years of grow-in means that the course drains well (the club is actually 120 years old). I played another course on Thursday that — two days after a rain — still had large ponds of standing water. Washtenaw had none of those issues.

There was a time when I wouldn’t go out to play if it was raining. I’ve changed my mind on that subject. With the right course, clothing and equipment, golf in the rain is a good experience.

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