A Frame Golf Bag


Ridiculous Golf Item Of The Week

A Frame Golf Bag.

9 thoughts on “A Frame Golf Bag”

  1. It does work very well and is much easier than carrying a normal bag or pullig a heavy cart.  However, there are a few minor design faults owing to the construction.  Overall it doea exactly what it says and I use it most of the summer.

  2. there appears to be nowhere to put the golf balls, tees, clothing, umbrella and other associated golfing paraphernalia.

  3. As seen on Dragans Den, like the inventors. missing a few things!some where to put the golf balls and tees ect and it has no wet whether protection. should of took dragans advice!!!!!!!

  4. Contrary to the last 2 comments the A Frame comes complete with a bag that sits between the uprights.  The bag is big enough for me to get my waterproofs in as well as water and all the other bits that are required!  There is also storage for golf balls and tees within the frame.  I have used these for years and they ideal when travelling.  Pity the other comments were based on ignorance instead of facts.  In fact wherever I take this bag golfers always ask where they can get one.

  5. Re: A frame golf bag.
    Not sure if this is the one that was on the BBC programme ‘Dragons den’, but I think it is a great gadget. Although I do not have any interest in the game of golf, it certainly is a great invention. I cannot understand why the panel of so called entrepreneurs would not invest in such a great product????


  6. Obviously the previos comment was from someone invested in the company, trying to promote their product which is a terrible design and ridiculous looking product. Good luck is all I cant say


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