A Fun, Free “Betting” Game

My student teacher recently glommed me onto a free ESPN betting game called Streak For The Cash.

It’s a lot of fun. The goal is to put together a string of winning bets from a constantly changing selection. Today, for example, you could have chosen to “bet” (among other items) on either Michael Bradley or Carl Petterson for the lowest round scores at the Puerto Rico Open; whether the combined scores of the Michigan-Iowa game would total 117 or more; or whether West Virginia will win by double or single digits tonight against Cincinnati. As soon as one event is over, you can place a “bet” on another.

If you win your bet, that extends the streak. Losing a bet starts you over at zero, but your longest streak is recorded. At the end of the month, the player who managed to put together the longest streak for the month wins $100,000. Right now, the longest streak is 16.

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