A Funny Look At Tiger’s Release From Golf Digest

Vanity Fair has a very funny piece on Tiger’s firing as a Golf Digest writer. The premise is that Tiger was an actual writer, who was let go for reasons that would be familiar to any other wordsmith.

As everybody knows, journalism is an increasingly tough field. I don’t have a friend in the business who hasn’t been laid off, demoted, or otherwise dicked-around. Now it has happened again. This one really hurts, because it affects a fellow Condé Nast writer named Tiger Woods. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with his steady, serviceable work, but I know this much: you don’t write a monthly column at Golf Digest for 13 years straight, as Tiger did, without having some kind of talent.

Just like that, they take away your press pass and your laptop! Now the poor sap will be hustling editors for freelance assignments. Pretty soon there will come the day when he is on the phone with a Time Warner bureaucrat, asking to have his deluxe cable package rescinded, and never again will he catch a glimpse of Paz de la Huerta’s nipples.

Nobody said journalism was fair. On the other hand, nobody said it wasn’t fair, either, as far as I can recall. But that doesn’t count for much. For some reason, people find the “nobody said [blank] was fair” line to be a lot more persuasive.

What, suddenly Tiger is not a good writer? . . .

Read the rest at Vanity Fair.

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1 thought on “A Funny Look At Tiger’s Release From Golf Digest”

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