A Lefty-Tiger Rivalry?

The golf press is making a lot this week of the so-called rivalry between Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods.

But if there is a rivalry, it sure hasn’t shown up in the US Open. Over the last six years, the only time that the two have been simultaneously in contention was 2002. The rest of the time one or the other—or both—finished essentially out of it:

2005 – Campbell wins; Woods 2; Mickelson 33

2004 – Goosen wins; Mickelson 2; Woods t17

2003 – Furyk wins, Woods t20, Mickelson t55

2002 – Woods wins, Mickelson 2

2001 – Goosen wins; Mickelson t7; Woods t12

2000 – Woods wins, Mickelson t16

I don’t think we’ll see a serious rivalry this time around either. Odds are, one or the other will not be seriously in contention on Sunday. In fact, odds are the winner will be someone other than Woods or Mickelson.

1 thought on “A Lefty-Tiger Rivalry?”

  1. Not that I am happy or anything about Tiger’s emotional state right now- but I doubt he will be in the running.  Phil will be—and while Blogger is right about odds it will be someone else, I think Phil might surprise us and take another major this year (and Phil can forget about the British Open- after Tiger disappoints himself this weekend, he is going to take that contest in a walk)

    Just my wild guesses.


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