A New Golf Digest Title

Conde Nast, owner of Golf Digest Magazine soon will roll out a new magazine: Golf Digest Index.

The new title will focus on golf features and lifestyles rather than equipment and instruction in an attempt to attrat upscale advertisers. Golf Digest Index already has lined up a slate of high-end advertisers, including many who have not previously advertised in Golf Digest.

It looks like it will reflect what Mrs. GolfBlogger once said: Golf is not a sport. It’s a lifestyle. (She was not being complementary). But then, I could say the same about her skiing.

Golf Digest Index will be sent to Golf Digest’s 300,000 wealthiest subscribers next month. Two more issues will appear next year.

I’m guessing that I’m not on that list. Still, it’d be nice to see what the magazine looks like.

1 thought on “A New Golf Digest Title”

  1. I wonder if you could elaborate on Mrs GB’s comments. What doees she mean by golfing being “not a sport but a lifestyle,” and how is that negative?

    I am a much better snowboarder than a golfer, and yet bristle when I hear people describe snowboarding as a lifestyle. For me, that brings up all sorts of stereotypes of “Dudes” and potheads and rebels without a clue that they have nothing to rebel against.

    So tell us what Mrs. GB has in mind when she speaks of golf that way—and what do you think of it?


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