A Windy March Golf Round

My round of golf yesterday was marked by high winds—gusting to 50 mph according to radio reports. It certainly was a challenge. Hitting into the teeth of the wind made every club fall short—seemingly no matter how clubs I moved up. With the wind, I had no idea how far my ball would fly. And crosswind? Forget it.

On days like this, I find I have to forget about scoring and think about it as a learning experience. Golfers need to learn to play in all weather, and this was one of those days.

One thing I learned was that I’m better off pitching the ball in from a hundred yards with a seven iron than flying it in with a wedge. I also learned that I need to add a Tiger Woods “stinger” to my repitoire.

I don’t often encounter winds like that, but I feel as though I’m now better prepared for the next blustery day.


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