A Wintry Day Pick Me Up


Don’t worry. Summer is coming. This photo’s from the Hickory Creek Golf Course in Canton, Michigan.

4 thoughts on “A Wintry Day Pick Me Up”

  1. Summer?

    Heck it was 80+ here yesterday and 77 currently.

    Winter?  Bah – we have something like 2 weeks of it.


  2. 63 in Memphis yesterday.  Played 9 (recorded 9, played 11).  Best score yet for 9 at my club, a 44 (I beat that once with a 43 on one side of an easy course).  By my standards, a 44 is 6 under par for 9 holes (normal par being 36) wink

    Recorded a triple on #1 and on #9.  In between 5 pars and 2 bogeys—unbelievable.  And on #9, it is 230 (uphill) onto the right side of the fairway for the perfect approach on the hard dogleg; I put is 237 off the tee, PERFECT, got so excited, I topped the ball TWICE to get to the fringe in five (UGGG!).  By all rights a 5 would have been good even with the good drive, so I basically threw away a 42, but I am still pretty darn happy with 5 pars and 2 bogeys in 9 holes.

  3. It was subzero in Michigan on Moday and Tuesday. Right now it’s a balmy 18F. But with the windchill, it’s still subzero.

    I’ve got a week’s break coming up at the end of this month, and I would absolutely kill to spend that in a warmer clime.


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