ABC Wants Golf Familes For Wife Swap

I got this email from a producer at ABC and thought I’d pass it on:


Casting Producers for ABC TV’s Wife Swap currently seek families who are passionate about the culture, etiquette, and sport of golf for current season.

Ideal candidates would be families with school aged children (6-17) who have vibrant personalities and genuinely love who golf instruction, attends golfing events, take vacations centered around golf, as well as enjoy the benefits that playing golf can bring to the work environments!  All interested families are encouraged to apply.

All families featured on the show receive a generous monetary honorarium.  Referrals for families are extremely welcome; the more the better! The show
offers a finder’s fee to individuals recommending families who are then featured on the show.

Potential families can live anywhere in the continental United States and should consist of two parents who have at least one child, age 6 or older, living at home.

The premise of Wife Swap is that one parent from each household swaps places for a week to experience how another family lives.  It is an incredible family opportunity to both learn and teach different family values. The New York Post says, “It should be called “Life Swap” because it’s not just the wives who learn something here. It’s the families.”

Thank you,

Rachelle Mendez
Casting Associate Producer
ABC Television’s “Wife Swap”/RDF Media
440 Ninth Avenue, 11th floor
New York, NY 10001
Phone :(212)404-2442
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

More information is available at:

The GolfBlogger and his family are hopelessly mundane and don’t have any issues (I can’t remember the last time Mrs. Golfblogger and I disagreed on something.), so we would be terrible candidates. But I’m sure they’re looking for a more interesting family.

But one of YOU just might be the ones they’re looking for. Especially interesting is the “generous honorarium.”

And no, I don’t expect a referral fee for this one. You don’t even have to tell them where you saw the notice.

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1 thought on “ABC Wants Golf Familes For Wife Swap”

  1. ABC cruises the Net, posting these casting calls on various blogs, messageboards, and Craigslists. They are looking for new victims for their trainwreck of a show. I know people who had the misfortune of being victims (participants) on Wife The premise of Wife Swap is to switch 2 polar opposite families, stir up trouble between them and watch the sparks fly.

    The show is scripted and heavily edited. Everyone who participates is made to look like a fool. Don’t be their next victim. If you are thinking of answering their casting call, do some research first. Contact people who have participated on the show. Their are many testimonials on the Net (a lot of them negative).


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