Ace of Clubs Scorecard Holder Review

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Ace of Clubs Score Card Holder
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Looks like exotic leather.

Ace of Clubs is a leather goods company that specializes in faux-exotic animal finishes. They make a terrific putter grip and now have branched out into scorecard / yardage book holders.

The score card holder I received for review has a brown alligator leather finish. It certainly looks like alligator leather to me. It also has a properly bumpy feel, so I suppose it also feels like alligator leather as well, although I have never had any experience with the real thing.

I have had a couple of alligator BBQ sandwiches, but I don’t suppose that counts.

In spite of the looks, the material of the scorecard holder is actually cow hide, so any sensibilities about exotic animals and poaching can be put aside.

The interior is a smooth finish, well stitched with the impression of quality. There’s an elastic look for a pencil, and an elastic strap to hold the score card or yardage book.


scorecard holder-1040075


In truth, I expect that this will be used more often for score cards. Yardage books are a bit old school, now that everyone has access to a golf GPS app on their phone, a dedicated GPS device or a laser pointer.

As an old Eagle Scout with a leather working merit badge (and who still does leathercraft on occasion — I’ve got quite the collection of tools and dyes), I’m impressed with the quality of this product.


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