Adams Brings Back The Legend

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The legendary Adams Tight Lies is back. I have fond memories of these.

Press release is below:

Adams Golf Brings Back The Legend – Tight Lies Fairway Woods


PLANO, TEXAS, July 23, 2013 – Adams Golf is bringing back the legendary fairway wood that put the company on the map in the mid-1990s. The new and improved Tight Lies features many of the same design elements that made the original an enormous success, plus the new, award-winning Velocity Slot Technology that makes the face twice as hot. Just like the original, the new Tight Lies will be launched initially as a 16 degree 3-wood with other loft options available later.

“In the ever-present pursuit of maximum distance, today’s fairway woods have become mini-drivers – extremely difficult to hit from anywhere other than from a tee,” said Justin Honea, Director of R&D. “The low profile design places the center of gravity (CG) below the CG of the ball, making it easy to hit the ball in the air. The unique tri-sole design makes it easy to hit from a multitude of challenging lies and then we added a refined Cut-Thru Slot design so this new Tight Lies is twice as hot as the original. It’s the perfect blend of playability and performance.”

Refined Cut-Thru Slots
Tight Lies features redesigned Cut-Thru Slots in the crown and sole to create maximum face deflection. This increased deflection allows for higher ball speeds making the new Tight Lies twice as hot as the original. Another added benefit of this new slot design is the increased forgiveness across the face.

Low-Profile Upside Down Design
A hallmark of the original Tight Lies fairway wood was the revolutionary low-profile, upside-down design, and it is back in the new version. This design feature allows for a very low CG – below the CG of the golf ball, making it extremely easy to hit the ball in the air for more consistent and controllable performance. Golfers will immediately notice the ease by which they make solid contact using the new Tight Lies out of a multitude of challenging lies.

Tri-Sole Design
The unique tri-sole design, which made the original version playable from any lie, will again be a difference maker for golfers playing the new Tight Lies. This sole design reduces turf interaction to increase performance from the fairway, rough, sand – even tight or bare lies.

Exceptional Performance
Today’s fairway woods have become hard for most people, including many tour players, to hit from anywhere other than off of a tee due to their deep faces and higher CGs. These “mini-drivers” can also be extremely hard to hit out of the rough or sand due to their larger size. The new Tight Lies will revolutionize the game just as the original did.

“With the new Tight Lies, we’ve got a 3-wood that you can control, you can hit it out of bad lies,” said Tom Watson, 8-time Major champion. “The most important thing for me is to know how far the ball is going to go, and with the new technology, here with Tight Lies, we can hit it where we want it to go and that’s what you want in a golf club. Man, that’s all I want.”

The playability from every type of lie, and the ease at which golfers can get the ball in the air makes Tight Lies the perfect club to hit those long par-4’s and par-5’s. For the first time in a long time, golfers will love hitting a fairway wood again.

Models, Pricing and Availability
Tight Lies fairway woods will come standard with the Bassara Eagle graphite shaft by Mitsubishi Rayon. Tight Lies Tour will feature the Aldila Tour Blue shaft. The Men’s Tight Lies and Tight Lies Tour models will feature a matte black finish, while the Women’s model will feature a matte grey crown. All models will include the familiar white half stripes low on the shaft that were also featured on the original. Tight Lies fairway woods will ship mid-August and will have a retail price of $199.99, and $229.99 for the Tight Lies Tour.

Available lofts are as follows:

Tight Lies Fairway Wood
14°, 16°, 19° and 22° in right-handed
16° and 19° in left-handed

Tight Lies Tour Fairway Wood
14.5° and 18° in right-handed
14.5° in left-handed

Women’s Tight Lies Fairway Wood
3, 5 and 7 in right-handed
3 and 5 in left-handed

Adams Golf, the maker of the #1 Hybrid on Tour, produces easy-to-hit products for all golfers to enjoy the game of golf. For more information, please visit or #1 Hybrids on Tour claim based on 2012 usage on the PGA, Champions, and Tours, as reported by the Darrell Survey Co.

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