Adams Golf Redline RPM Driver

Redline RPM Driver at Global Golf

New from Adams Golf is the Redline RPM Driver.

RPM stands for Repositioned Mass, which, Adams says, means moving weight from the crown to the soleplate. This is possible because the crown is made of a lightweight carbon composite. What I find interesting about this, and several other drivers out this year, is that the “acceptable price” of drivers seems to have fallen a bit this year. The Redline RPM retails for $299.99

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1 thought on “Adams Golf Redline RPM Driver”

  1. I never have written a review for golfing equipment but for this driver I had to. I have tried many drivers and still had problems with slices or at my best a moderate fade. Offset drivers didn’t seem to help much either. For the last couple years I just learned to anticipate my fade and aim a little left. A stronger grip and a slower swing seemed to help some too. I realize this problem is caused by my swing plane being off track, but since I don’t spend a lot of time honing my skills I learned to work around it. NOT ANYMORE ! I read good reviews about the RPM driver and saw it was available with a draw bias, so I ordered one. If you have the problems I’ve described here (and probably 90% of newer golfers do), BUY THIS CLUB. I’ve never hit drives so far and so straight ! I can’t believe my slice is gone! I’ve added over 30 yrds. to my drive ! The cheaper offset clubs don’t help but the draw bias weighting on the RPM sure does ! This club is awesome. It’s a beautiful looking club too. I look forward to my tee shots now. Seriously, If you have a slicing problem and don’t have the time to rework your swing, GET ONE !


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