Aero Spark Golf Tees


Aero Spark Tee/Neo/Color

You can trim these lightweight tees to height. Interesting idea. I suppose that since they sit on the ground, rather than being stuck IN the ground, they would provide less resistance.

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2 thoughts on “Aero Spark Golf Tees”

  1. I recall a number of years ago watching a golfer assiduously (hey, I just had to use that word) looking for something in front of the tee.  Eventually he walked off.  After I teed-off, I sort of looked around, wondering what he might have been looking for.  I suspect it was the plastic tee I found.  It had a circular back section that encased the ball (non-conforming to USGA rules).  I believe the idea was that the plastic hood prevented the club from imparting any spin to the ball.

    The point of this monologue is that these fancy tees cost a fair amount of money compared to our old-fashioned wooden pegs.  I hate to think of the time a round of golf will take if we all start using tees that cost $1.00 each.


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