African American Golfers Digest

In a multicultural world, golf will only be as strong as its ability to attract players of both sexes, all ethnicities and with various disabilities.

Founded by an African American woman, Debert Cook, The African American Golfers Digest has at least two of those bases covered.

Or maybe all three. On their winter issue is a photo of Kevin Hall, the deaf, African American golfer.

Now that really speaks to me. I’m a “profoundly deaf” (the technical term) Native American. But I’m here to tell you that being deaf is not a handicap in golf. Cell phones ringing? Camera clicks? Crickets? Birds? I have no idea what those things sound like, although I’ve played with golfers who have complained about all of those, and more.

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1 thought on “African American Golfers Digest”

  1. I fully support that golf is for “all ethnicities and with various disabilities”. Where I ome from, it’s a pretty expensive game even in public courses. But I’ve seen talented young individuals in rural villagers who have never seen a golf course before and only play in buffalo grazing fields. Something should be done to expose these talents for the good of the sport. Check out y blog at


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