Aline Golf Shoe Insoles Review

Aline Golf Shoe Insoles Review
Aline Footbeds

Aline Golf Shoe Insoles Review

Aline Golf Shoe Insoles
Grade: A/C
Teacher’s Comments: An “A” for potential help on the golf swing. A “C” as an insert for walking.

Aline golf makes a line of shoe inserts/footbeds designed to aid golfers (and other athletes) by improving the bio-mechanics of their feet. The inserts combine 100 moving ribs, bio mechanically correct supports, engineered suspension zones, a heel cup and a gel pad. The sum of the parts is said to place your body in the correct alignment when hitting your shots.

After wearing these inserts over several rounds, I’m of two minds.

On the one hand, I can absolutely feel the inserts working with me on my swing. My feet feel more stable, and there is a pronounced leveraging for a push off the inside of the right foot. It feels quite powerful.

It has been said many times that a good golf swing is built from the ground up. From that perspective, the Aline Golf Shoe Insoles are a winner.

However, I was not quite as happy with the Aline insoles for walking. The Aline insoles are hard, and somewhat inflexible. The Aline inserts are not un-comfortable and I certainly did not develop any hot spots or blisters. I just prefer  a softer and more flexible feel. In that, they compared unfavorably with the regular soft and flexible insoles of my Ecco golf shoes. I’m moving into mystical territory here, but I like to feel the ground beneath my feet. I think that contact helps keep me connected to the course. It is one of the many reasons I prefer to walk instead of ride.

So with both of those things in mind, I think for a cart-rider, or for someone who prefers a stiffer feel in a shoe, the Aline inserts would work well.

The Aline Golf Shoe Insoles Review was first published December 28, 2017

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