Alpha Golf Rules Long Drive Championships

Want to hit it really long? Maybe the major manufacturers — Taylor Made, Titleist, Nike, Callaway — aren’t what you need. I hit my home-made Snake Eyes Compressor further than I hit any of the majors. And on the long drive tour, the relatively unknown Alpha Golf apparently is dominating.

Here’s a press release on Alpha Golf

Chatsworth, CA (PRWEB) July 21, 2004 — With the Long Drivers of America (LDA) Tour at the mid-point of the season, the elite Alpha Team has already earned ‘Top Dog’ status by demonstrating an overwhelming dominance over the rest of the pack and winning first-place titles in every event this year.

Alpha Golf’s dedication to performance and distance has produced driver designs so superior that the results have attracted some of the biggest names in Long Drive. More than a half-dozen past and present Re/Max World Long Drive champions — power hitters such as Mike Gorton, Carl Wolter, Greg Wellong, Vince Howell — and dozens more have joined the Alpha Team to compete in a sport most often won by feet and inches, rather than yards.

So far this year, the Alpha Team — affectionately known as “Alpha Dawgs” — have used Alpha drivers to accumulate six first-place victories, nine second-place, three third-place, eight fourth-place finishes. In fact, players using Alpha drivers have claimed 75 percent of all the possible money positions in the Open, Senior and Woman divisions of the 2004 LDA season.

Perhaps, the current 2004 LDA Tour money-leader and Alpha Team member, Danny Luirette best sums up the Alpha attraction. “Technology plays a huge role in driving for distance,” he says, “and Alpha’s technology speaks for itself. Alpha Golf doesn’t have to look for players to use their clubs. The players are coming to Alpha.”

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