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Save on a wide selection of sports nutrition products from Amazon.

In recent years, I have become more focused on health. I joined a gym and lift weights three times a week. I have a regular stretching routine. I use the exercise bike for thirty minutes every morning and walk several miles after work every day — on the gym track in the winter, and on the course whenever weather permits. I’ve dropped junk food, and improved my diet with more lean meat and fresh vegetables.

And I’ve felt the results. I feel better now in my mid fifties than I did in my thirties.

There are several products in this Amazon sale that I like:

I am a big fan of the Kind bars. They’ve got plenty of protein, and don’t turn into a soupy mess on hot days when stashed in a golf bag.

I also like jerky as a on-course snack. Check the labels. Look for a product that is high in protein and lower in sugars, fats and preferably salts. Again, they don’t turn into soup in the bag, and will keep you fueled much longer than a quick sugar hit from a candy bar.

The other snack staple in my golf bag are apples. I rarely go out without one stashed in my bag. I tried a banana once, but it got squashed. never again.

Apples, Jerky, Kind bar. That’s a good combo.

Finally, another sports nutrition product that I use on a regular basis are protein shakes. I have had a protein shake as my regular breakfast every day now for several years. My current favorite is the Premier Protein chocolate.┬áThese shakes have 30 grams of protein and no carbs. Thirty grams of protein gets me from breakfast at 5:30 to lunch at 11:00 without any hunger pangs — something a bowl of cereal or a donut never was able to do.


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