Amazon Sale On Watches

Amazon is running a sale of up to 90% off on watches. There’s a $1600 Tag Heuer (Tiger’s brand) for nearly half off.

2 thoughts on “Amazon Sale On Watches”

  1. Seiko was my dad’s brand of watches, and my grandad’s too when he died, so for 20 years, that is what I have been wearing.  But my 10 year old Alarm Chronograph model started fouling up (after the last battery change, it was not sealed right)-  and my 17 year old Flight Chronograph Seiko, on the band the pins have started coming out at random times, and I needed a watch to golf with.  A buddy I play with has a Casio G-Shock, which he swears is super durable, so I got the G-Shock with Atomic sync, and solar power for $75 from Amazon and I love it.  My 10 year old Seiko is at a factory repair now (and it will cost more to fix than the Casio G-Shock cost)- but I doubt I will wear it every day.  I love knowing the time is exact to the second and the watch doesn’t look half bad- and I can smash it with a golf club and it will take it.


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