Ames Wins, But Couples Is The Story

imageSteven Ames won this past weekend’s Skins Game, sinking a putt for $650,000 and defending his title.

But the real story was the return of Fred Couples. The 48-year-old has a bad back, and hasn’t played since the Masters. Many have wondered if he was done as a competitive player.

Not quite yet. Couples averaged 299 yards on 14 drives, and all but one hit the fairway. His ball striking was superb. If they had been keeping score, Couples shot a 65—six under par. In all, he won nien skins for $325,000. Winner Steven Ames won just two—the first and last for $650,000.

I’m glad to see that Fred isn’t ready to hang up the spikes just yet. He’s just a few years older than I am—and I always cheer for the middle aged guys on Tour. Watching them blast balls down the fairway reminds me that being in my 40s isn’t all that bad.

Fred hits them as far and as well as anyone, and he always manages to look cool doing it.



1 thought on “Ames Wins, But Couples Is The Story”

  1. It is so good to see Fred in contention, hopefully he will have a good healthy year next year. 

    It is also a given that 2009 should bring him some Champions Tour trophies if he can stay healthy.


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