An Early November Round At Green Oaks

An Early November Round At Green Oaks
An Early November Round At Green Oaks. The first hole.

An Early November Round At Green Oaks

On Friday, I got out after work for a round at Green Oaks. It was cold — 36 degrees — but every opportunity to play this late in the season in Michigan is precious. Snow could fall at any moment and bring a sudden halt to regular play.

I hope this wasn’t my last for November, but with an arctic chill arriving next week, I do not have high hopes.

The fourth at Green Oaks.

With the sun out, it felt much warmer than the thermometer indicated. The chill started to set in however, as the sun started to go down. With the return to standard time and the lateness of the year, sunset came rapidly and I was glad to have finished.

Ice on the fairways

We had some flurries earlier in the week, and their remnants were still to be found in shaded areas.

The sixteenth at Green Oaks.

At this point, I hope for one of our typical warming spells in each of the next three months so I can continue my streak of consecutive months playing at least one round in Michigan. It now stands at 57.

November is as close to a certainty as there is in the off season. December has usually had a few opportunities. The dicey parts are January and February. By late March, everything is good again.

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