An All Weather Golf Course?


As I sit here in the frozen wastelands known as Michigan, I am intrigued by Austria’s Modern Golf Club, which boasts an all-weather, nine hole golf course. Even better: four of the fairways are lit up with spotlights for night time play. The course is par 28—eight threes and a four.

The artificial grass at Modern Golf was installed by Huxley Golf, and includes 5,850 square yards of nylon golf green material, material, 2,900 square yards of Fringe turf and 336 square yards of tee turf.

Markus Strobl, Modern Golf’s Head Golf Professional commented: “Austria’s climate and mountainous terrain doesn’t naturally lend itself to all year round play.  We have solved many challenges by using a high proportion of all-weather surfaces, floodlighting four fairways and creating a state-of-the-art covered training centre.  We are very proud of what we’ve created here and I hope that our concept will be adopted around the world.”

I think this would be ideal for one of Michigan’s “Up North” golf and ski resorts, such as Boyne, Crystal Mountain or Treetops. Imagine coming off the slopes, having dinner and then going out for a quick nine. A 24-7-365 course would be something to behold.

A course layout and more photos are here.

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