An Interview With The GolfBlogger

The folk at GolfSense have posted an interview with your friendly neighborhood GolfBlogger on their blog.

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2 thoughts on “An Interview With The GolfBlogger”

  1. I think I might try this thing out in the next couple months or so.

    I got the GSA Pro analyzer the other day and have already returned it.  Right off the bat it was reading 100mph + swing speeds, which is probably 7-10 mph high for me.  In fact the supposed 103mph swing which contacted the ball well with a slight draw went 230 with roll – and a later 97mph swing which also was a slight draw with a good contact went 260. 

    I also found that the swing track which is what I really wanted (other than tempo) – shows as a line, the Golfsense shows an actual plane, which is easier I think to analyze. 

    The GSA software also didn’t seem to offer tips or judgement on a stat.  It appears that the Golfsense does (I need some help in telling me if the tempo should be slower or not).

    Lastly, the Golfsense shares the info in the cloud with the other devices.  The GSA, at this point, does not.  I would like to review on the iPad when I get home, and the Golfsense would allow that.  I don’t want to take the iPad with me to the course.

    Granted my use of the GSA Pro was short, but at the money ($200) – once I had a little unhappiness, I didn’t want to continue to use the device if I was going to return it so that Golfsmith could still resell it.

  2. GolfSense does all the things you said—tempo, advice, and pretty accurate distance predictions. I tested the on-course distance predictions against my GPS measuring and it was well within reason. The plane can be turned from a line to a solid plane.


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