Ann Arbor Golf Club Formed – 1899

ann arbor golf club
Ann Arbor Golf Club article, October 20, 1899.

An article from the October 20, 1899 Ann Arbor Argus-Democrat reported on the formation of the Ann Arbor Golf Club:

Ann Arbor Golf Club
It already has a hundred and forty members.
With Fine Grounds And a Club House Out South Main Street

The Ann Arbor Golf Club meeting held in Frieze Memorial hall Friday evening, was very largely attended, some 75 members of the 140 members being present. Much enthusiasm was manifested. The Constitution and bylaws as prepared were adopted. The officers elected were: Captain, Dr. J. Playfair McMurrick; secretary, Prof. L.P. Jocelyn; treasurer, Dr. Augustus Trowbridge …

The committee appointed reported that the club had been incorporated. The grounds on S. Main st. had been leased from Mr. Roberts, for three years with the privilege of renewing the same for three years more, or purchasing the same. The grounds are fast getting into excellent condition. The house on the grounds has been fitted up as a club house …

The constitution provides for a membership fee of $3 with $3 annual dues. The family of members may join upon the payment of a fee of $1 each, onlythose 16 years of age being eligible. Single women, or non-residents may become members upon the payment of $1.50 membeship and $1.50 annual dues …

This is one of the social clubs of the town and will provide a very pleasant social gathering point for all who either play golf or enjoy a bicycle spin on the road to the club house.

The club began with 314 members. The land leased from Mr. Roberts was 40 acres of a farm. In 1903, the club purchased the land for $4,000.

Today, the Ann Arbor Golf Club is the Ann Arbor Golf and Outing Club. It remains at the original location, just across the street from the University of Michigan Football Stadium and Crisler Arena, and adjacent to the University of Michigan Golf Course. It is a nine hole course, but can be played twice from different tees for a complete round.

Ann Arbor Golf and Outing Club
The Ann Arbor Golf and Outing Club

The Ann Arbor Golf and Outing Club is either the oldest, or second oldest existing club in Washtenaw County. The Washtenaw Country Club (now Polo Fields Washtenaw) had their grand opening in August 1899. That makes Washtenaw older on the basis of incorporation. The Outing Club, however, says that theirs is older because they played golf informally before incorporation.

I suspect, however, that the same is true of Washtenaw.

I have never had the chance to play the Ann Arbor Golf and Outing Club, but the holes I have seen as I played the University of Michigan course look very nice.

A nice documentary on the Ann Arbor Golf and Outing Club is below:

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