Ann Arbor Debates Future Of Its Golf Courses

The City of Ann Arbor maintains two public golf courses: Huron Hills and Leslie Park. Leslie Park is billed as the “Championship Course” while Huron Hills is the “entry level course.” Neither is a great course, especially considering the large number of courses (dozens) in the immediate area. Huron Hills does have the distinction, however, of being one of the few “walking only” courses in Michigan.

In recent years, both courses have suffered a decline in play. That may, however, be associated with a general decline in the quality of the fairways and greens. I haven’t played either in more than a year, but reports are that they are in terrible condition.

The City of Ann Arbor has named a committee to study the courses, and what appears to be a money losing proposition for the city. While I never want to see a course disappear, I think the need for two city golf courses is questionable—especially with the many golf courses within a few minutes of city limits.

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  1. I play Huron Hills a few times a year, and Leslie once in a while.  I play there with friends who live in Ann Arbor.  I can comment on HH-

    -conditions of greens and fairways were not great, but no where close to as bad as the rough.  last year I thought it would have been great practice for the US Open to play at HH.
    -Walking the back nine at HH is rough!  It’s pretty hilly, a tough walk for my out of shape body, but nearly impossible for some golfers.  It is so steep in parts, I am not sure you could have carts there. 

    Golf is supposed to be recreational.  Rough that is too long and penal does not make a fun round for a lot of golfers.  Worse yet would be walking steep inclines and side hills.  HH could be made a bit friendlier.

    If they lowered cost and made HH more friendly, they might make more money at that course.  Leslie was pricey in my opinion, but nice none-the-less.


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