Ann Arbor Rejects Huron Hills Proposal

The City of Ann Arbor has rejected a proposal by local proshop Miles of Golf to assume the management of the Huron Hills golf course. The proposal involved converting seven of the holes to a driving range, pro shop, and practice area. The plan also involved the city backing $3 million in bonds.

From the article, it looks now as if Ann Arbor will continue to try to make a go of both Huron Hills and Leslie Park. Play on both courses has increased in recent years, and they apparently have some hope of financial stability.

I’ve been conflicted about the proposal. Huron Hills will never be mistaken for a quality course, but it’s a great place for beginners and juniors. No one there gets upset over kids hacking their way down the fairway. That’s something that makes it unique among area courses. On the other hand, I think that Miles of Golf would have offered some long-term stability for the track.

Now we’ll just have to wait and see whether the City wants to continue subsidizing golf.

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