Antigua Golf Shirt Review – Refine

Antigua "Refine" Golf Shirt
Antigua “Refine” Golf Shirt

Antigua Golf Shirt – “Refine”
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Nice texture. Stays cool.

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Antigua’s Refine golf shirt is a good looking polo that works well both on and off the course. It has a just-right cut that’s roomy enough for a swing, while still looking sharp at the office.

This Antigua golf shirt’s fabric is soft but not slick, and has some nice vertical ribs that give it an other-than-athletic-apparel look.

The fabric — what Antigua calls DESERT DRY™ — has worked pretty well for me in the unusually warm and humid weather we’ve had here in Michigan in August and September.  Desert Dry is a quick-dry, moisture wicking fabric that’s also designed to minimize cling.

An interesting feature of this golf shirt is that it has an internal yoke with an extra piece of fabric sewn behind the neck, just under the collar. My guess is that the piece is designed to help the shirt drape properly at that point. I thought it would feel awkward, but I didn’t notice it. While I have quite a few shirts with stitched yokes, this is the first I’ve noticed with the extra fabric.

A few years ago, I thought of Antigua as a distinctly second tier product. I had purchased a couple of West Virginia University logo shirts made by Antigua, and the shirts just didn’t hold their shape. After a couple of washings, they looked pretty cheap. These new Antigua golf shirts seem much “sturdier.” The fabric is nicer, too.



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